Hold’em Texas Style

Out of countless variations of Poker the world over, Texas Hold’em is by far the most predominant one.

First introduced in Vegas in the swinging sixties, the ‘ace high’ version had already been attributed to a Texas origin at the break of the 20th century. First played in Vegas by some travelling cowboys, the game quickly became a staple at casinos since.

Unlike the standard draw in which players draw twice, Hold’em allows a total of four draws. It was this aspect of the game that made it such an instant hit. With two draws, players have no choice but to rely a great deal on chance and hope that luck is on their side. Having double the number of draws however, does not simply mean improving one’s chances as many would have believed. Instead, it can give players a chance to strategize and think carefully about making the most calculated move to tip the table in their favor.

In a nutshell, Hold’em is very much a critical thinking and endurance game. Essentially, it’s all about who cracks first and who’s taken control of the spiel.