Great Games to Learn Management

Management games are a great way of learning leadership while having fun. They enable you to enter a fantasy world where you’re in charge of real-life aspects. Several management games exist today and they feature different genres from sports to business environments. Here are some fantastic ones to get you started.

1. ManagerZone

ManagerZone is an MMO in which players assume the role of a football or hockey team manager. Featuring players from around the globe, it pits you against other managers in various football and hockey tournaments to test your tactics and managerial strength.

The game environment allows you to make new player signings, train your players, manage your finances, and develop your team brand to win sponsors. Also, you can build shops, restaurants, and clinics to generate more revenue for the team. Since it simulates real-world managerial aspects, mastering it will help you develop critical aspects of leadership that you can apply in real life.

2. Prison Architect

Based on a prison setting, this game involves the management of inmates and their life systems. It features animated graphics that depict the true feel of prison life. You assume the role of a prison warden, which puts you in charge of all the activities taking place in the lockout.

3. Frostpunk

This is one of the most challenging management games. It features a post-apocalyptic setting where you are left in charge of a group of freezing emaciated survivors with little resources to sustain them. The group consists of children and adults (they form your labour force). All of them are prone to diseases to which they could succumb anytime. So there exists a trade-off between saving your workforce and raising children (future generation). Frostpunk trains you to make tough calls, a vital skill that can help your managerial ability in real life.

So in your free time, you can engage in any of these games to improve your managerial skills.