Accessing slot games

Not all governments look at playing online slots with a kind eye. There are authorities that believe people should not partake in any leisure activity, especially if the leisure activity has some semblance of gambling associated with it. We believe that people should have the freedom of choice, and the internet is a free resource where you can exercise your free will with responsibility. That is why we present several ways of bypassing restriction to accessing your favorite casino.


The Onion Router is a network of computers that allows you to hide your identity as well as the origin for whatever information you access online. The free tool was developed by the US NSA and can be used to effectively bypass any restriction based on location.


Virtual Private Networks are proxy networks that encrypt information sent through them through remote servers such that the origin of a request is not known. A person in a restricted country A can request to play an online slot game and the firewall will not know that he has accessed an online slot site because his traffic will be coming from a server not associated with online slots.

Proxy servers

These are computers that allow traffic from other areas to pass through them. Proxy servers are mainly free and provided by activists for unrestricted internet access.